Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Once upon a time, before Noddy became Mr Plod, he was a Researcher for a Scottish Office funded national survey and opinion poll on Gaelic. I travelled far and wide up and down and across my wondrous nation asking the good folk about our 'ither tongue'. Well, nearly 30 years later we get a dedicated Gaelic TV station (and still it has to wait for switchover day to go onto Freeview.)

Progress can be slow where 'minorities' are concerned!

Update: Due to popular demand from Joe Public, here's a couple of links to the original song performed by Runrig.

The first Gaelic Music Video - n.b. Serious mullet warning.

Live at Edinburgh Castle.

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Fitaloon said...

I seem to remember this was more a paid up piss up on us poor taxpayers. My memory is of you disappearing every so often for a few days to some remote pub on a remote island and drinking large quantities of alcoholic beverages whilst chatting up the local talent.

uphilldowndale said...

Joe (aged 11yrs and 5 months) listened to that and says 'it's well good.'

Noddy said...

Fit else wis a young loon tae dae. min?

Joe Public,

The original song was from Runrig (see my youtube sidebar), but in among the singers are Karen Mathieson of Capercaillie fame and Christine Primrose who I once had the pleasure of hearing sing right next to me in a Varsity Halls of Residence bedroom!

Also in amongst the singers are Cathy Ann MacPhee (large lady, but sweet voice)and Arthur Cormack.

More recently seen on TV up in these parts is Tony Kearney from River City - a sort of 'weegie' East Enders and home of the 'X' actor!

Noddy said...

ps loon, fan are ye aff across the pond?

Fitaloon said...

I should be there now but trip cancelled due to some rain and a wee bit of wind, apparently they call it a hurricane across in Texas.

uphilldowndale said...

The boy has listened to that track again and again and again.
Mr Uhdd and I saw Runrig in Manchester ( we could never get tickets when we lived in Scotland) much to our delight Capercaillie
were the 'support' band; a magic night.
Just trying to see if we can squeeze tickets for 'Bellowhead' into the half term holidays

Noddy said...

I hate to drop names, but me and the guys from the original Runrig line up go back a few years together. On my very first day at varsity, I met Donnie Munro and Calum Macdonald in a halls of residence flat kitchen over a few refreshments. I went on to stage their first three appearances in Toytown. I had the pleasure of Malcolm Jones as a house guest and have stayed with other band members in the past. Lost touch now they are 'megastars', but I used to be part of a so-called Gaelic mafia in the late 70's!