Friday, August 15, 2008

In the Summertime

I'm back from my gallivanting and can I be the first to say "Ha Ha Mourinho."

The weather has been mixed (that's Doric for shite), but for a change it appears those southwards have not been overly blessed with sunshine. Being a typical Scot me and the sunshine don't exactly see eye to eye, inasmuch as mair freckles and red raw skin are nae my cup o' tea. However, a wee bit more rays would not have gone amiss.

Typically, I had to go to the end of the earth
(well to she who has to be obeyed's family croft) to get the best weather!

Dhunan view

Up in these parts the sheep are always happy.

So, what else has been happening since I was away. The youngest got all his Standard Grades (what used to be 'O' grades/levels) and all top grades too. I think back to his early days and his autistic spectrum 'problems' and this is nothing short of amazing. He deserved his large hug fae his Pa! (Somehow I think he will be looking for something more material though).

The eldest turns 21 today. It is time he was given the key to his own bleedin' door! (I'm joking loon!)

One thing I will say is that having spent a ridiculous amount of time behind some clown on the A9 who didn't read the bit in the Highway Code about CONSIDERATION FOR OTHER ROAD USERS, this is far overdue, even if it is being supported by another clown, who will be safe in the knowledge that his adored team will not be disgracing themselves in Europe. Well, off the pitch anyway!!!!

So what's been going on since I've been away in the hive of activity that is the Highlands?

Georgia beat Russia ............ in the quine's beach volleyball at the Olympix anyway. I know, I was transfixed by this event. I even found out from the commentary team that the 2 Georgians were Brazilians. I know the outfits were skimpy, but how did they know that? I've heard of drug testing, but rug testing....... I'll get my hiviz.

But, otherwise most of the news has been crap.

In pseudo DBA Dude booze review mode, I can report that, whilst away, I popped into a Teuchter Tesco (f.a.o. AnneDroid - anither 'een!) and found this smashing wee drop. I should have bought more 'cos it has yet to hit Tesco's shelves locally.

Back to work next week, so maybe something Polis related to follow, but mind, I have a life!

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AnneDroid said...

Welcome back.

I'm really pleased for your boy with his exam results. Great news.

I've signed your A9 petition - I didn't realise there was one on the go anywhere.

As for rhubarb, I prefer it in a crumble.

DBA Dude said...

Welcome home loon, hope that the shite weather kept the midges away!

Will have to try that rhubarb beer if I can find some.

Casdok said...

Congratulations to you youngest! You must be very proud.

uphilldowndale said...

Yay for the boy; very many congratulations.

iarocu said...

The A9. Nightmare these days. Since Tesco invaded Inverness and occupied it their HGVs have become rolling 40mph roadblocks on the A9.
Two weeks ago going north I was stuck behind one from Dalwhinnie to Kingussie in a queue of at least 150 vehicles. I only got past it by turning off at Kingussie on to the old A9. A friend who lives in the area has heard that a Tesco driver got sacked after being done for speeding. Now they drive at the 40mph limit. Complying with one law but ignoring the other law about showing consideration for other road users by pulling into a layby every 10 miles to let traffic past.

Noddy said...

Thanks for the kind remarks abidy!

Iarocu - welcome! Maybe Tesco could be asked to contribute to the dualling and then they can move their stuff quicker. Every little helps.

Casdok - welcome too and you are linked. I will give your blog some serious attention when I get a moment as it looks fascinating.