Friday, August 22, 2008

Jesus axed by Council

Jesus, Joseph and Mary!

I dae deeply apologise aboot bringing up Christmas fan it is still summer, dreich though it is, but there's a major news story up in these pairts.

Some of you may ken 'at, despite being the oil capital o' Europe, Aiberdeen's finest local politicians hae made a wee sotter wi' the pucklie o' siller they hae to spend and are somewhat overdrawn wi' the bankie.

Noo, in order tae get oot o' this guddle, the cooncil hae decided they cannae afford a full blown nativity. They can only manage a Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, so they hae decided to scrap the idea a'tigither an' it looks affa like there'll be nae lichties in Ingin Street either. Ginging for your pressies and messages will be even mair o' a scunner noo.

I'm fair glad am nae a toonser, min. Nivver fash, Xmas isnae cancelled just yet oot in Toyland

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uphilldowndale said...

Look if you've got Mary Joseph and Jesus, you don't need the all the hangers on; goodness, it's like the minor members of the royal family milking the civil list.
Anyway Noddy, you Toy Town guys should be able to rustle up a few effigies with a chain saw and a log or two, child's play.

Area Trace No Search said...

I don't understand. These shipping forecasts always confuse me.

AberdeenCityDweller said...

One of easier to handle city council cuts then

Casdok said...

What will they axe next?!

TWINING said...

Hey Noddy!

dickiebo said...

Sorry to ask you have a system of translation, please? My eyes aren't too good, and my brain's even worse!

Noddy said...

Aye min, it's a scunner be'en a monoglot en al en a'!