Thursday, April 19, 2007

Miss Pink Cat reports

Good afternoon readers. I hope you are all feline fine. It's been a purrfect week for me.

Firstly, there was that old softy Gadget going all gushy over his new kitty.

Secondly, Twining 'came out' and revealed what a handsome pinko he is. I have decided to shun Mr Plod's advances because he doesn't have stripes like my new paramour, although I've always fancied a wee dalliance with a Black Panther - you know what they say eh?

Must dash off and pen a few lines for the local rag known as the Scratching Post and then try and hook up with PeePee. I'll keep you posted on how that goes.


Twining says: said...

My dear Miss cat, I have wee'd myself reading this just like Totally UNPC had when I finally revealed who I was. I am rather finely tanned. Why thank you for your kind words, though I am being wobbled a little by some unclassy fellow referring to himself as PG Tips on Gadget's blog. I am afraid I have let myself down by arguing with this unworthy character. I am afraid my blog I fear has been infiltrated by some members of the right wing.

Now I know who you are Miss cat! I am in Scotland soon and will be donning a Kilt! Thank you to you and Noddy for your continued and effortless support. XX. And that's not for Noddy! This one is, X! The only way to learn is to laugh.

Twining says: said...

Oi Noddy, are you and Miss cat the same person? If you are then I am coming over in the white police van to give you a good kick in, just a stereotype man, I am not really coming over! You Scottish folk are mean and strong, another stereotype, and you brave the bad weather with no undies. True or stereotype? Man Utd played well....