Friday, April 13, 2007

It's our cup

Trouble now is which ones?

We've got one, we are up against the hub cap stealers in another, Sunday should see us in another final and we are only 3 points behind, 3 points behind...

It is getting tense.

11 years ago me and the boys visited the Nou Camp and got to see the one that probably matters most this season. Hope I get to see JT lift it this year.


totallyun-pc said...



your one nil wins are week my son!
despite our pompey glitch we have 4-0, 7-1, 4-1 just in the last three games.... The masters have returned, you are pretenders, with a cheque book squad!

Regards friend!

Noddy said...


Wembley, Wembley!

I just ask you to recall the score last season at the Bridge when it really mattered.

Anyway methinks AC Milan will win the semi and send Fergie's dreams up in smoke!

Black in Blue said...

Er I am with totally unpc pon this, awesome football by United. Now, Noddy, what is wrong with the way I look? Surely, taking the pee out of the establishment in the way I do, I look rather fine. I even had to pse for that picture. Even totally unpc nearly wet himself. Noddy, surely you can mention me in a good way on your blog now!

Noddy said...


Bonnie fitba fae United accepted, but since when did one's appearance gain anyone an advantage? It's what's within that matters.

Still, it's only the Blues that have a chance at a quadruple, well only a chance unless Ronaldo and Co . get knifed tonight.

You've been on my sidebar for a while and right there with other pinkies like tupc and the other perkies!

Black in Blue said...


I've looked and I can't see me on the sidebar. I can't understand some of what some of the anonymous folk are saying on my latest blog. Can you?

Noddy said...


My link to you is in my usual cryptic manner..... cup of tea?

As to the mouses, just be grateful they are reading and contributing (I think that's the word!) and yep they do seem to be completely loopy, unlike us.

P.S. United won again. I hope we don't get hammered tonight!

Black in Blue said...

Noddy, You are a good man my friend! Cryptic or what? By some humour we can bring the elite leaders to their feet. In your own way you have done this well. Here's hoping.

Man Utd might do it you know, but Chelsea have some awesome players. Whatever; the premiership and good football is so wonderful to watch.

As for the Doctor's, Freud and Luftenweiser, I suspect I am being monitored by the right. Oh well!

Noddy said...

still 3 points behind.....

Black in Blue said...

Noddy, I am afraid I have come to the conclusion that when I am in Scotland I must seek you out, you you person. You are utterly mad! But I like that trait as for this cat? I can't find her. You have sent me a spoof.

I am seriously suggesting a get together, Southwest, you, UNPC, Bloggs, if everyone agrees not to jump her that is, but Scotland is rather cold and afar.

And we must keep away from the Luftweiser, whats their name characters. They are watching me. I fear they are troublesome, but I don't fear them.

The proof is in the pudding and Man Utd have the best player in the world, Ronaldo, and whilst I like him, they have the ugliest player also, Rooney, who plays well also and scares by his appearance the defence. And Jose is rather scary too I have to say, but Chelsea can play well. Alas. Adios. Mom ami.