Sunday, April 22, 2007

Just three more words

Why aye man!

This Geordie doesn't like smog. For today I don't like Geordies! Thank God for smog or it could have been all over.


totallyun-pc said...

... glory hunter....? I've had 10 years out of my 38 years of support to shout about! At least i'M FROM MANCHESTER!
Your a scotch egg who supports chelsea..... Come on the treble!!!

love you man.... I'm a little sozzled by the way!

Noddy said...

Ah well you see TUPC I've been a blues supporter for longer than you have been alive. I blogged a little clue before on that fact.

Guess which team CFC were playing that day?

Much like things are just now - it was a draw 1-1. I could embarass myself and show you a pic of me in a Manky kit back on Xmas day 1968 when the only strip available was that one. My bro was in the pic also wearing the same kit and he's a City (and Aberdeen) supporter now. Don't know who's more embarrassed there!

As you will see from posts within, when I was loon I was dragged up south of the border, mainly in the home counties and near the 'smoke.' I scarpered as soon as I was old enough to and haven't regretted it one bit! However, some bits of Engerland culture stuck. The BEST bits.

p.s. Great game last night, and for a moment I thought your guys were down and out. I actually cheered when Rooney scored that magic goal, bit like Essien's at Valencia. Hope to get an even better result tonight though.

Come on the Quadruple!!!