Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Puns, Anagrams and Digraphs

Without wishing to get too political, when I hear the term 'Animal Activist', I usually want to scream out some diatribe about e.g. the great unwashed, swampy, tree hugging, get real, spoilt unemployable idealistic prats etc. etc., but the Beeb reports, incorrectly (sic!) that the latest furore surrounds the suggestion that the lovable polar bear cub Knut at Berlin Zoo, who was rejected by his mother, should not have been reared by man, but put down to prevent him living a life of dependency on humans.

The Beeb would have us believe this suggestion came from 'an animal activist', when in fact it came, as they reported themselves previously, from
Wolfram Graf-Rudolf, head of Aachen Zoo, who pointedly remarked, "Each time his keeper leaves him, and he can't follow, he will die a little."

Personally, I'm with the views expressed, again in another Beeb article, that the orphaned bear will grow up to hack it alone and anyway it's in a zoo and that is not exactly natural either.

Not convinced about all this fuss?

Check out the videos of cute Canute here and here.

Now, you really would have to be a 'king Knut to want to kill this ball of fluff!

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