Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Toilet Humour

Reuters report that the urinal stolen recently has been returned to its owner who is apparently bowled over, as is the thief no doubt as he got off with a caution. He has been quoted as saying, "What a relief."

Well at least it was a detection.

I would have loved to have seen that one go to court... but then the CPS would have had to spend a lot of pennies.

Toilets are topical this month, I just have to have one of these. A veritable piscine!

Now if one of these was nicked, think of the enquiry, fishing for clues etc... and there would be all that paperwork. Then again you could just keep a lid on it.


Anonymous said...

The villain was flushed out, it could be a chain of offences and the landlord said "I'm going to sue yer"

If it had been a w/c would the landlord been advised to keep a log, if found would it have been a paper detection.

Noddy said...

The puns from b(l)oggers or is that (b)loggers are driving me right round the bend.