Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Calcutta Cup Preview

A new game for Saturday....


1. Print off the attached pictures of Johnny and Elastoplasts.

2. Have an adult cut up the plasters, using blunt-tipped scissors. Be very careful, as Johnny's accident-proneness may affect you. Don't run around with the scissors.

3. Stick a plaster on the bit of Johnny's body that will be knackered first. If you think the first injury will not put him out of the game, put some others on him.

4. Pick a time that you think Johnny will be stretchered off :

(Odds are as follows)

0-1 minutes ~ Evens
1-2 minutes ~ 2/1
2-3 minutes ~ 3/1
3-4 minutes ~ 5/1
4-5 minutes ~ 10/1
6-80 minutes ~ 100/1

For full details on Johnny's NHS visits so far visit here.

5. Then post a tenner to the Johnny Wilkinson, c/o NHS, Newcastle, to buy some real plasters.


Alastair said...

Hat tip to someone for this ?

Noddy said...

ok .. ta!

Alastair said...

I'm going for 0-1 mins if Scotland do it right. A quick dump tackle and it will be back to the NHS for Wilko.

By the way I hate Snap!

Noddy said...

Me too - binned it.

busybizzie said...

How did the match go? Was johnny taken off early or did he mebbe trounce you? ;-)

Noddy said...

No where did I mention that 'we' would win.... I'm a Scot and that makes me a realist!

Well done Wilko, of the bust lip so a plaster was needed.

Your scrum half also played well, but our lot are a shambles just now so don't be too confident......but with Wilko the miracle man.... who knows, but I would keep the rest of the plaster handy.

busybizzie said...

You were robbed with that try mind. He was well out of touch there. Never mind eh.