Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Open invitation

Sky News report that the Prison Service has confirmed 2 more murderers have absconded from Sudbury open prison.

Duncan MacNeil and Paul Michael Neale were both serving life sentences when they walked out of the category D jail in Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

MacNeil was jailed for life in 1982 and Neale was jailed for life a year later.

A spokesman for the Prison Service said: "We can confirm that two men have absconded from Sudbury prison. Both men are serving sentences for murder. The relevant police force was notified immediately and the matter is now in their hands."

The latest escapes bring the total number of killers on the loose from Sudbury to five.

I repeat, 5 killers on the loose. (Read about the others here and here).

Nick Ross would find it difficult, even for him, to persuade the good residents of Derbyshire that they can sleep safely tonight.

Why are these people allocated open prisons?

What do the authorities think this is doing to the relatives of the victims?

When they are caught, will their sentences be increased or at least any remission revoked?


Annette said...

usually when they are caught they get longer sentences as a punishment.

James said...

Yeah, another 28 days according to Lord Ramsbottom on this morning's Jeremy Vine Show.
And really, if you're reading this from somewhere within convenient travelling distance of Derbyshire, there's no need to barricade the door. No matter how overcrowded the prisons are, nobody in the Probation Service is likely to put the next Black Panther in a half-way house before he's eligible for his free bus pass.

Oh, and not publishing the photos is probably a good idea; it is the human right of everyone in the country who might happen to look a bit like one of these cons not to have the shit kicked out of them by a tabloid-incited vigilante mob!