Friday, January 12, 2007

I'm Stumped

Reuters report that an Indian traffic policeman has been transferred for trying to fine one of the country's biggest cricket stars, not realising that celebrities are sometimes above the law.

Inspector Saifuddin Ahmed thought he was just doing his job* when he stopped an expensive sports car in the eastern city of Ranchi for having dark tinted windows - an offence in India.

But sitting behind those windows was cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni:

one of India's hottest celebrities and a hero in his home state of Jharkhand, of which Ranchi is the capital.

Early reports said an unfazed Ahmed insisted Dhoni hand over the 900-rupee fine (10 pounds).

Local police have since back-pedalled, saying Dhoni was allowed to drive on after waving a letter from local authorities giving him special dispensation to break the law.

Ahmed has now been transferred in what is an apparent demotion from the downtown commercial district to a downmarket residential bazaar, the Hindustan Times reported on Friday.

The state's chief minister was reported as saying that celebrities should expect special treatment when it comes to the law, a widely held notion in India's upper echelons.

"The police should be liberal while dealing with persons of his stature," Madhu Koda was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

"What is the harm if a person of his standing uses a car with tinted glass windows?"

Howzat for impartiality. That would be one rule for......

But just in case you think the Traffic Polis in India are alone on this - check this link.

* These Inspectors must stop
trying just to do their jobs.

p.s. Now what would have happened if the miscreant had been on Bail?


Annette said...

Isn't it strange that people with money expect to get away with everything.

Noddy said...

I wouldn't know!

Inspector Gadget said...

Thanks for the link, great Blog too.

Grannys.Myth.Peeler said...

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, I suspect is aware of this situation. Shame on him. I have no doubt that it is he who instigated this corrupt mini drama. Good on the bobby I say.