Wednesday, January 31, 2007

....and just wait until she's a teenager.

I need to have a cat nap, but before I depart, check this bit of unbelievable pussy footing about. Line up the kitty Social Worker etc. it's a modern day catastrophe. Probably gets fat playing with her mouse on the PC ......

At least maybe one of its other 8 lives might just be a little bit more purrfect.


Stan Still said...

I wonder how much these so-called animal experts are charging for their advice and treatment?

I suspect that they have found a little niche, dealing with pet owners with too much money and not enough common sense.

It's a cooking fat, FFS!

Noddy said...


Darn it, I missed that old chestnut! Well done.


Office Cat (not).

James said...

My dad's girlfriend's mother once had her cat prescribed Valium, so this may not be as uncommon as you might hope...