Monday, February 27, 2006

Just a thought - Annoying words

It must be the sheer boredom of stripping the bathroom wallpaper to replace bits where various teenagers have been sick, fallen against the wall with belts that look more like weapons and generally paid little respect to the fact that it is ONLY bleeding PAPER, that got me thinking of words that have crept into the modern way of speaking without any recourse to grammar or indeed in most cases common sense. Some are affectations, some are downright posy, some vastly overused, some clearly daft and others are just Bosspeak.

I will highlight a few, please let me know what 'words' annoy or bemuse you.

  1. Actually - e.g. it's actually got a diesel engine.
  2. Like - e.g. I like went shopping.
  3. Focus - I was needing to focus on my future intentions
  4. Partnership - e.g. working in partnership. i.e. we've had a few meetings and achieved sfa, but it'll look good if we plaster ads everywhere saying we are working in partnership with some other body or organisation.
  5. Networking - aaaaargh! As above, but just more linked partnerships achieving a lot less than imagined due to organisations being just that; organised i.e. to suit their own needs.
  6. Accident - e.g. "It was just an accident that the glass of water fell whilst on top of the TV and frazzled the electrics. No - an accident is something you have no responsibility for or control over its occurence. For once my bosses have got it right when they now call Road Traffic Accidents (as they were referred to for far too long) as Road Traffic Collisions. ie. someone is to blame!!
Come on you must have some daisies......

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