Thursday, February 16, 2006

After this week's events... this happens !!!!

The Sun Newspaper

HERO cop Stephen Oake, murdered as he tried to protect comrades from a knife-wielding terrorist, will NOT be honoured with a posthumous bravery award.

The Home Office has questioned whether his courage was “greater than the call of duty requires”.

And it rejected pleas for an honour from DC Oake’s bosses because his action in taking on al-Qaeda maniac Kamel Bourgass was spontaneous, not calculated.

The decision left the Special Branch detective’s colleagues disgusted last night.

DC Oake, a 40-year-old dad of three, died in 2003 during a police raid on a flat in Crumpsall, Manchester.

Bourgass — wanted as the mastermind of an al-Qaeda poison plot — was there.

Kamel Bourgass

Maniac ... Kamel Bourgass

And he lashed out with a knife when he realised he was just about to be recognised.

Despite being stabbed eight times, DC Oake refused to let go of the terrorist until other officers had overpowered him.

At the time of the killing, the Government heaped praise on him and Tony Blair attended his funeral.

Greater Manchester Police later proposed DC Oake should receive the George Cross, the highest civilian award for bravery, or the George Medal.

But he has now been rejected for ANY honour.

Paul Kelly, chairman of Greater Manchester Police, said: “If, as I believe, the Prime Minister is aware of this decision and concurs with it, then he has let down Stephen, his family, my colleagues and every law enforcement officer in the country.”

Bourgass is serving life for murder. He also got a 17-year stretch for plotting to manufacture poisons and explosives.

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