Thursday, February 16, 2006

Council Tax Banding

I recently added a conservatory to my 3 bed semi and have received a notice from the Cooncil advising me that my banding has gone up. It will only have effect should I decide to sell the place.

My thoughts are:

  1. Since when does a conservatory being added mean that I will use more Cooncil provided services?
  2. Why would I want to improve my present dwelling if I get clobbered by the back door when I do. Does the Cooncil want us to live in dilapidating shacks or do they get a backhander when we buy new?
Mac from the Mail also observed pointedly as follows:

Gov't snoopers will soon prowl around people's homes looking for improvements so that they can increase council tax.

Mac Cartoon

"So. Recent improvements include new doormat, new washbasin plug and.....
Hello, what's this? A lovely view of the sea."

1 comment:

Alastair said...

Ah... but the view is so much better now and you must be taxed on that. Also was that another telly I saw in there.. and think of how much more rubbish you'll now generate and extra air you now have in the house. Mind you , you can still smoke in there. Just don't 'glorify' terrorism when you're having a natter, and don't binge drink... and ... and ..