Thursday, February 16, 2006

Good News

Rachael Bown, the 23-year-old police officer who was shot in the early hours of Tuesday morning, has been awake and speaking to her family. Whilst she is clearly still in a serious condition, she is young and strong and the signs are very encouraging.

We have had messages of support from all over the country. Many of those e-mails and phone calls express shock and dismay, and all convey heartfelt wishes for Rachael’s speedy recovery. We are very touched by these messages which have reminded us just how much ordinary people really do care when police officers are attacked in this way. We have also been overwhelmed with flowers which have been sent to the hospital or the scene or to the nearest police station. It’s very moving that people feel so strongly about this.


Noddy said...

Sky News reported;

I Have Let Everyone Down'
Updated: 21:32, Wednesday February 15, 2006

A policewoman who was shot while investigating a burglary has apologised for not catching the man who fired the gun.

Rachael Bown was wounded in Nottingham after trying to stop a suspect.

In a statement released from hospital, her family said her first thought was that she had let her colleagues down.

Former soldier Martin Bown, 44, said: "When she opened her eyes the first thing she said was 'sorry dad, I am going to get the sack. I have let everyone down and I did not get him."'

He added: "But that's the sort of girl she is, she is always thinking of others and would hate to think she had let anyone down."

Mr Bown added: "It was our worst fears come true.

"It was the dreaded knock on the door in the middle of the night. My first thought was she had been in a road accident, I never dreamed for a second she had been shot."

Her mother Jan Bown said: "The waiting while she was in theatre was horrendous. We all felt so helpless, it was agonising."

The 23-year-old is now recovering in hospital.

She was on duty with an experienced male officer when she was shot about half a mile from where the burglary took place.

She was hit in the abdomen just below the level of her body armour.

No-one has been arrested but the hunt to trace the gunman is continuing.

Chief Superintendent Marcus Beale said it was not clear whether the offender was connected to the burglary on Lenton Boulevard.

Miss Bown, who was nearing the end of her two-year probationary period, had only recently transferred to the city centre beat.

The shooting follows the death of PC Sharon Beshenivsky during a robbery at a travel agents in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Alastair said...

Not quite so good news. Lets hope all goes well
"Shot Pc goes back into surgery"