Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Boro Boro

As I previously hinted, the grinning eejit to the left (the one without hair!) would be gloating and he has generated a deluge of mail from fellow Blues supporters. I have attached below 'the gormless one's' initial comment on the win and it's first response. Feel free to add any comment!!!


>>> "Les" 12/02/06 22:13 >>>
Sorry boys can´t resist a bit of a gloat, were you Sunderland in disguise? If you are the top team in Europe, well where are we. I´m going to wallow in this glory for a while.......

ps can we play you every week !!!!!!!!!!

In a message dated 13/02/2006 14:32:44 GMT Standard Time, spoppleton wrote:

And another thing: One swallow does not make a summer !
And Boro is still a Sh*t Tip !
Up the back to back Champions !

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Noddy said...


re: Where are we?

Last time I looked, you were near the bottom of the Premier League and we were where?