Thursday, April 23, 2009

Red alert

It is a well known fact that Scotland has the highest proportion of red haired individuals in the world.

But, be warned. Calling them anything other than strawberry blonde may result in hate crime procedures and anti-discriminatory action.

Having read (sic) the article, I wonder if there might not have been another meaning to the Twitter comments and that might explain the suspension.

And, as a warning, my Central Belt cousins had better come up with a new name for fizzy pop.

Is no one allowed to tease any more?

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1 comment:

Constable said...


I must warn you that teasing is no longer allowed. It was dismissed at the same time as common sense and discretion.

Any further admissions to any of these three heinious matters or even mentioning them could lead to your blog spontaneously igniting and disappearing, only to re-appear by witchcraft on the screens of your local complaints department.

Regards, the internet has ears!