Saturday, February 07, 2009

Taxi for Tevez

I wish I had been the one to stop this motor

What a dummy.

Nice pic over at the Sun of Car Loss Tevez.  Geddit?

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uphilldowndale said...

I've got to drive through the golden triangle tonight, I'll pack the camera, just in case.

I can do a very good rant about Range Rovers with tinted windows

it's either banned or compulsory said...

"Police said they pulled his car over, suspecting the tinting on its windows was too dark."

The same reason that they let boy racers get away with illegal fancy numberplate lettering.It allows them to them over and fine them at any time of their choosing.

If it works, why not ?

Hogday said...

A "Richard Cranium", whether in a Ferrari, Bentley or an Armani suit is still a dickhead.

Officer Dibble said...

I think the police were a bit harsh with the tinted window thing.If the action photos I have see of Tevez are to be believed it probably spares the non Man U fans seeing his visage sitting next to them at a set of lights.

Hogday said...

Thanks Officer Dibble, you've just nudged a box in the memory section. Sat in Ranger 1,DPG, Bayswater Road, at a set of ATS. I looks to my left and, `needle nardle noo` if it isn't Spike Milligan in a heavily discounted Mini (he used to advertise them on TV). He points to the lights, revs up his engine and challenges us to a drag start. The light goes green and he smokes us, because our driver's laughing so much he forgets to put us in `drive`. Now he was what I call a `personality` (several, in fact). Footballers? Pah.