Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Seen on a noticeboard......

.... somewhere.

It seems it might not be so amusing elsewhere.

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Hogday said...

I wonder if the bosses will come up with the idea of cardboard replicas in personnel carriers, driven round the district by a special? Actually, that sounds a good one - subterfuge is a great tool - perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned this. If these vans start to appear please don't point the finger this way.

DBA Dude said...

Hope that you are not feeling too "blue" this week loon - what with all the feel goings on at your fitba' club!

Constable said...

It would never happen here our Chief Con has decreed that specials are no longer to drive police vehicles. They are to manfully stride out and police the "neighbourhood" they serve.

Wonder why most specials now do night shifts and come to patrol asking if there are any singly crewed cars they can jump into. We usually have a few.

Noddy said...


Nae three bad, fit like yersel?

I'm getting used to the comings and goings at the Bridge, min.