Friday, February 13, 2009

What a load of snowballs

This is brilliantly daft!

This collieshangie, as reported by the Beeb, is.... well just add your thoughts below.

... for safe virtual fun try this.

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uphilldowndale said...

I've just been elbowed off the PC by my boy, who wanted to play snowballs.
For snow ball beauty, go look at this

Stonehead said...

Radio 2 had some idiot, sorry superintendent, from an English police force on at the height of the "Arctic freeze". She was pontificating about the number of assaults and public order offences being committed under the guise of "snowballing". Apparently, innocent people were coming out of their houses and having snowballs thrown at them by "anti-social elements". The superintendent warned that police take a dim view of such behaviour and people could find themselves with a criminal record as a result.

Now, I do know that some yobs were undoubtedly making hardened snowballs, but it was quite clear from the story and the super's own comments that most of what was going on was children being, well, children. The overall effect was that the super came across as a total twit.