Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not so bonnie Scotland

There's good and bad in every apple.

The good.

The bad.

.... and in case you missed the first episode here's the link.

p.s. Check (sic) the Burberry!

p.p.s. an update.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Paws for thought

Just when I thought it was the Polis that got all the daft calls from our customers, the SSPCA have well and truly outdone us.

Whatever next?

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Double delight

Noddy is bouncing along merrily in Toytown like a happy little chappie with his bell ringing loudly.

Meanwhile, I have been following a new series on the Beeb up here in God's Own Country, but after watching the first offering, I think He may just want to disown bits of it!

You gotta love Marvin the reformed heroin addict...."Marvin is looking forward to seeing his girlfriend; when she gets out of prison."

Depressingly, similar schemes litter every major town and I'm sure, once you manage to unnerstaun the patter, you will recognise the same features in your own neighbourhoods (sic).

So you'll unnerstaun why I'm also delighted since I'm no longer a Response cop (but then nobody is any more up here 'cos we've all now recently moved into a Local Policing Team) and I am now fighting the good fight in a location virtually void of the depressing drudgery of delinquents, domestics and drug dependency.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Diet pehs?

She who must be obeyed would be in a quandary today if she was in the least bit interested in the beautiful game.

Born in Pompey and brought up in Dingwall it would be churlish of me to suggest that whilst I hope to be celebrating a double, she will probably be doubly disappointed.

Meanwhile the Beeb has clearly found the burning issue to report regarding the Scottish FA Cup Final.

Low Fat pehs? I think the Beeb are missing the point!

Anyway, c'mon the Stags and Lions.

Update - The OH would be bereft, but then she doesn't even know there is an offside rule.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Lion and the Unicorn

Time for a history lesson.

Fan I wis a loon at skool doon in Englandshire and daen ma 'A' livils, one of ma History teechur's wiys o' gettin us interested in Victorian political history wis tae divide the class up intae supporters o' Disraeli and Gladstone. I wis picked for the Gladstone outfit.

I mind especially the Disraeli team (who had local advantage as his hame wis just up the road) takkin the michael oot o' Gladstone for his peculiar past-time o' cuttin' doon trees.

It amused me then, that on the evening of the election, the Beeb reported as follows:

How are the leaders whiling away these nervous hours? Well, according to the Press Association, Gordon and Sarah Brown had lamb stew for dinner before the prime minister went off for a nap at about 8.30pm. David Cameron, meanwhile, spent two hours chopping logs.

I bleetered at the time on Bookface that yon wis affa Gladstonesque of DC.

Eftir 'at, I have been telt that DC is a passionate follower o' Disraeli. So just far dis he stand, considering that he has also quoted Gladsone viz:

In fact, it was perhaps the most famous liberal politician in British history, William Gladstone, who best summed up what I believe a government should do. ‘It is the duty of government to make it difficult for people to do wrong, easy to do right.’

Perhaps then, it is of nae great surprise that he has found it easy to get into bed with Clegg.

Jist fit a' this means for us poor souls north o' the border is anyone's guess, but as far as the criminal fraternity are concerned I hope there are CHANGES that scunner the ne'er do wells.


DC in his formative yoof also idolised Thatcher. Nobody's perfect!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

There's more....

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I have officially overdosed on re-runs of the massacre at the Bridge and am now able to post my delight!

103 goals this season - record,
71 goals difference - record,
Didier Drogba - Golden Boot,
Peter Cech - Golden Glove,

....... but what really matters......

Now for the double.

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