Friday, May 21, 2010

Double delight

Noddy is bouncing along merrily in Toytown like a happy little chappie with his bell ringing loudly.

Meanwhile, I have been following a new series on the Beeb up here in God's Own Country, but after watching the first offering, I think He may just want to disown bits of it!

You gotta love Marvin the reformed heroin addict...."Marvin is looking forward to seeing his girlfriend; when she gets out of prison."

Depressingly, similar schemes litter every major town and I'm sure, once you manage to unnerstaun the patter, you will recognise the same features in your own neighbourhoods (sic).

So you'll unnerstaun why I'm also delighted since I'm no longer a Response cop (but then nobody is any more up here 'cos we've all now recently moved into a Local Policing Team) and I am now fighting the good fight in a location virtually void of the depressing drudgery of delinquents, domestics and drug dependency.

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