Saturday, May 15, 2010

Diet pehs?

She who must be obeyed would be in a quandary today if she was in the least bit interested in the beautiful game.

Born in Pompey and brought up in Dingwall it would be churlish of me to suggest that whilst I hope to be celebrating a double, she will probably be doubly disappointed.

Meanwhile the Beeb has clearly found the burning issue to report regarding the Scottish FA Cup Final.

Low Fat pehs? I think the Beeb are missing the point!

Anyway, c'mon the Stags and Lions.

Update - The OH would be bereft, but then she doesn't even know there is an offside rule.

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Noddy said...

The cup final is sponsored by the Scottish government's Active Nation health initiative, with the half-time pies being made with 40% less fat, 50% less saturated fat and 37% less salt than the traditional Scotch pie.