Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hobby Bobbies

This is the first email I got after adding a link. It was received with great amusement and some pride!


Your blog is superb, for some reason I haven't been checking it as much
as I should. Keep up the good work.

Best wishes PTPM

Noddy would like to ask, "Do you know something Mr Plod doesn't?"

I have rarely been referred to as 'Sir' before, well not in Polis circles or by the general public barring the occasional new start who, what with the new insignia free black tops, just sees the grey hair, a couple of waiters and the odd wino perhaps.

Seriously though, it made me think that I should start a bunch of links to blogging hobby bobbies 'cos God knows why they turn up on a cold and wet Saturday night to reinforce our thin blue line, but we need you loons and quines.

PTPM - you get the honour of being the first and a good blog too!

p.s. Translation for English speaking readers. Loon = Boy, Quine = Girl in Doric.

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