Sunday, December 17, 2006

"Easy as picking foxes from a tree"

The Beeb reports that research suggests millions of adults in England have reading skills too poor to enable them to belt out many favourites from a karaoke autocue.

The lyrics of the 10 most popular karaoke songs have been assessed and rated by government literacy experts.

Those tackling Robbie Williams' Angels needed the reading skills required to pass five good GCSEs (Level 2).

Experts from the Get On literacy campaign said 17.8 million adults would not be able to follow the song.

Well blow me, wonder how they would get on with the lyrics of Marc Bolan, Slade, Bowie et al that was all the rage in my teenybob years!


Annette said...

Now your talking.
Marc Bolan....the greatest.
I have his L.P.s(yes, L.P.s) and I still play them!

Although his lyrics were a bit hard to understand,you cannot beat his music.
I miss him even now and I love to watch TOTPs 2. They often show him singing.


Noddy said...

Go on then tell me your favourite song and album from the T.Rex archive.

I'll offer Electric Slim & the Factory Hen (?) off Tanx and as an album you cannot beat Electric Warrior.

Annette said...

whxrukeIt is "electric slim and the factory hen"!

I have the two albums right here.There is so many to choose from, but my fav is:
"Left hand Luke".
"Mister Mister"
"Broken Hearted Blues"
"Mad Donna"

All off them actually!

On "Electric Warrior"
Have you got that one?
My fav are:

mambo Sun,
Planet Queen,
Life's a Gas,
Lean woman Blues.

There is no-one like marc Bolan: T.Rex.

Perhaps we should start a Marc Bolan fan club.
Let's play all his records.

That would be Brilliant!

hisat said...

there already are many arenas for Marc Bolan and T.rex fans - is the official Marc Bolan fan club - take a look at the T.rex Action group too - BTW I found your blog by Googling "picking foxes from a tree" - it's said that this line from solid gold easy action was prophetic - because Marc died in a Car registration "FOX661L" which hit a tree "Life is the same and it always will be - easy as picking foxes from a tree" go to You tube and type "Marc Bolan Prophecy" you'll be amazed!!!