Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Spare any change?

Manifesto Message from 'the Opposition'.

How to win friends and influence people.

Oh Goody! I feel so valued.

Note to self - sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but then being the lowest form of worker as a public servant........

Barrack Obama coined (sic) the phrase, "Change we need". I'm thinking there isn't even small change offered by our Politicos.

I was going to byline the post, "Spare any change, Guvnor", but with policies like this, I don't hold out much hope for Dod's chances at being a governor. Jacqui Spliff's double deal to our southern colleagues seems quite profligate in comparison.

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Misssy M said...

Talk about a vote loser...

Fitalass said...

Talk about a job saver. But those that are not in the public sector are expected to take the full brunt of the pain of the credit crunch and this nasty recession, even though they help generate the wealth to pay for our fantastic public sector!

If we don't start sharing the burden and doing our bit for the recovery, then no one is going to end up better off in the long run.

Fitaloon said...

join the real world!

Noddy said...

Hang on a minute.....

Who created the recession?

Greedy private sector bankers etc. who pay themselves in squillions even when they cock up.

Public Sector workers do spend their diminishing cash on things too!

This is a stealthy little number by the pretend government since not only is it a freeze for a year, but in subsequent years the no doubt diminishing pay rise will be based on the lower level of pay and thus EVERY subsequent years increase will thus be further diminished.

How does this save jobs? The private sector left alone to 'manage' itself has hardly shone and there is profligacy abounding.

It is a fallacy to state (sic) that the private sector alone generates wealth and indeed wealth is only one aspect of life....what is money without services?

Oh I suppose we could privatise a'thing! But then who would bail out the failures?

Meanwhile 1200 jobs go at the city council.....

Fitalass said...

The UK banks racked up debt and were allowed to get too big to fail, the UK government racked up on and off the books public debt to a criminal level in the good years.
But the British public went on the credit card splurge to end them all! Our personal debt in this country was the highest in the world!

We made this mess together, and we are sure as hell going to have to work together to get out of it. And it maybe easy to blame it all on those nasty bankers so we can complain at having to take a hit to fix their problem.

But we are all to blame to some extent, the only person more so than any of us is one Gordon Brown, Chancellor.

He stood at the bar with his mate Greenspan and mixed the economically toxic cocktails that we all partied on for 12 years. He set up the tripartite system that failed on every level conceivable.
He should have been raining us all in back in 2003/4 when others experienced a small downturn.

But Bush was looking to be re-elected in America, and Gordon had an election to win in 2005, and a promotion to PM all planned out without a vote being cast or his boss being ready to go.