Friday, March 20, 2009

To be serious for a moment

Occasionally I post about matters relating to autism.

Occasionally I come across a genuinely well written, sober, thought provoking article.

This article speaks for itself, which is more than can be said for Sky.

For more on this read here.

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Casdok said...

My heart goes out to this young man. Especialy at this time when his world has been turned upside down.
I sincerely hope he gets the right support now and for his future, as we may never know what really happened.

Noddy said...


Hi. It's a really hard one to take in and resolve from a criminal justice point of view.

I hope others will take on board the problem and they could do well to view your site, which, without sounding patronising, is a beacon in the area of understanding of autism.

As ever I wish you well.

Annette said...

He should be in a hospital, not prison.
Let's hope someone will help him.

Anonymous said...

If "Commonsense" were to apply this would not be a crime,it would "just !" be a tragedy.
Our youngest is autistic,he's 14 and bigger than the wife and me !,luckily when he's really upset his anger is directed to himself not others,but there have been a few close calls !.

uphilldowndale said...

Goodness what a total nightmare for all concerned.