Saturday, September 01, 2007

Key to the Door

It's been a busy week what with she who has to be obeyed turning 50 and all the associated merriment, but I hope to get back to posting more regularly shortly.

Speaking of ages,
the result of my sidebar poll for the minimum age deemed suitable to join the Polis is in. Thank you for your participation.

66% suggested over 21
16% opted for over 25
10% went for over 18
6% voted for the status quo

It will come as no surprise that no-one went for over 16 as this is clearly too young.

I am one of the 16%, but voted with the majority.

Meanwhile, I draw your attention to another Polis newbie in Response Plod from the Met and a splendid video he has posted.

Also, yon folk fas keek at my blog will ken 'at I aften lapse intae the Doric. If onybidy wishes tae learn mair aboot the local dialect fit the Toytooners spik, 'en listen into Desperate Fishwives on Radio Scotland at 12.05 pm.

Finally, The First Lady of the USA has crawled out from behind another Bush and said something very significant about the true First Lady. Good on her and I know that will please Dickiebo as much as it does me.

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uphilldowndale said...

I read about 'Desperate Fishwives' in the 'Scotsman' newspaper yesterday(The Scotsman and a mug of tea, a forgotten pleasure) and thought of you!
The report said the Doric 'is expressive dialogue' 'ideal for comedy.' well readers of 'Toy Town' know that already.
But despite immersion therapy for the last few days, I don't think my translations skills are up to the job.
The paper also said how Scotland's 'Drug policies don't work' grim reading, you will be kept busy then.

Response Plod said...

A great Blog you have here! thanks for a great read!

dickiebo said...

Too true, MacNod! Well spotted, mate.

Twining said...

Noddy I am back!

Annette said...

Are you watching all the memorabilia about Marc Bolan?
I's great.
I can't believe it's 30 years ago, it seems like yesterday.
Where have all the years gone?

Noddy said...


I did and you're right. I feel old!