Monday, October 16, 2006

Copyright theft?

Just a few days have passed since my plan to speed up Response Policing was revealed publicly and guess what ... those lot over in Englandshire have tried to steal my thunder.

I quote from the Beeb's article

Police have played down reports that spy planes could be flown high above the streets of Merseyside as a way to fight anti-social behaviour. Merseyside Police's new anti-social behaviour (ASB) task force is exploring a number of technology-driven ideas.

Toytown's own scallies Sly and Gobbo were quoted as saying, whilst up to their usual mischief, "Goodness me, look it's the ASB ASU, better foxtrot oscar back to the Dark Woods and hole up until the coast's clear. Mr Plod is really sneaky with all his new fangled toys, but we heard it was Noddy's idea first."

n.b. Thanks go to ickle bruvver for finding this article about possible drawbacks. I particularly liked the designer's comment,
"It was spectacular, everything I hoped it would be, apart from actually flying."

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