Saturday, August 05, 2006


There I was at the beginning of the week watching the Beeb's new reality series ' Trawlermen' when I was fair scunnered at the sudden appearance of subtitles fan a'bidy wis spikkin Doric. I turned to her who must be obeyed and said, "Fit aboot subtitles for yon EastEnders an'a."

It seems that I was not alone in my thoughts that the Beeb were being just a tad patronising, as a few days later this appeared on the Beeb's own website.

Rather than subtitles, hows about folk get to know local dialects such as the Doric, which is spoken about the Broch and obviously in the Bloo Toon.

I also wondered why the crewmen who are obviously nae Blootooners and speak in regional accents as well, were not subtitled.

Losh Bihere!

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