Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Up the Trossachs

For the first 3 days of our holiday we set off for the Trossachs, an area of Scotland I have skirted, but never really visited. What a mistake that had been.

We journeyed down via Perth, Crieff and Comrie to St. Fillans at the eastern end of Loch Earn and stayed in a lochside chalet set in woods beside the Four Season's Hotel. It was unseasonably warm at about 85 fahrenheit on arrival and stayed warm throughout our stay till the Friday night when the rain had to come, but only as mizzle.

We particularly liked Callander and would recommend it as a base for any visit to the area, mainly because it's away from the usual haunts around Loch Lomond favoured by our weegie cousins!

We found some fabulous views particularly on the way to and from Aberfoyle, when we made a slight excursion off the beaten track to Loch Katrine and Inversnaid on the east side of Loch Lomond, where as usual the dug couldn't resist swimming for sticks. Check the map out for the road to Inversnaid from Aberfoyle and try it - quite an experience! I also recommend the Duke's Road out of Aberfoyle for some more spectacular views and at least the road is wide enough for 2 cars.

All in all, I am amazed at the bits of Scotland that I haven't seen before and still manage to delight me. I was standing at the western ferry jetty on Loch Katrine at 6pm and there wasn't a soul to be seen, there, on the road, on the loch and not a sound to be heard other than my 14 year old son moaning about when he was getting something to eat! To which we returned to Aberfoyle and had the best meal of the holidays in the grandiose and spectacular setting of the Gathering Room at the Forth Inn. I seriously recommend you go to this establishment for a malt (they have a fabulous selection) and a meal. She who must be obeyed had Sea Bass and was bowled over. The aforementioned sprog had Lasagne off the bar menu and I know he was hungry, but his plateful was huge and according to him the best Lasagne he has ever had and believe me he is an expert on the subject. The slabs of accompanying garlic bread, chips and serious salad were apparently quite acceptable too. The puds were good as well, though where the loon managed to put that is anyone's guess. It should also be noted that all the staff were local (i.e. not being bleedin' Ozzies) and very pleasant.

So I say.....Up the Trossachs!

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