Sunday, July 02, 2006


I have resisted spouting forth excessively about the World Cup, but as a Scot, I was cheering on a defiant Engerland last night against a team that has effectively 'cheated' its way to the semis via two games that did little or no credit to the talent they have in their feet.

I have a few points to make on Engerland's exit:

No worse than Brazil & Argentina.

Owen Hargreaves proved his
doubters wrong with the star performance and can I get some of what he takes before a match!

Rooney disgraced himself, with poor control of temper blighting England's chances once again.

I reckon they have the squad, particularly as they will no longer be under the 'helm' of Sven, to do well in the Euros.

generally have an ambivalent attitude to Engerland's results, but the players showed true pride in this game once they were down to 10 men.

Portugal do not deserve to progress and I hope 'Les Bleus' show the class they showed against Brazil and wipe the smugness off Ronaldo's face in particular.

He should be as welcome at Old Trafford next season as a Leeds fan.

Note for new Manager...... Penalty practice!!!!

p.s. I predict a Germany v France final and I think the French may just sneak it.

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Sticker Esq. said...

Brilliant stuff, where the hell did you find that picture of Crouch... it's genius!