Saturday, June 03, 2006

No way am I going on holiday!!!

'One Of Those Accidents'

A teenager blew the roof off his parents' house while they were away on holiday, after trying his hand at washing clothes.

Sean Davey, 18, left a washing basket full of clothes on top of the electric cooker in his parents' kitchen.

However, he then accidentally knocked one of the hob rings on before going out.

Unbeknown to him, the heated ring set fire to the clothes, which in turn ignited a nearby bag of shopping.

A deodorant can in the shopping exploded with such force it blew out the windows, cracked a wall and and lifted the roof off the bungalow.

Sean whipped up the £35,000 worth of damage while his parents were away on holiday, according to the Daily Telegraph.

His mother Joanne Bray and her husband Paul cut short their trip to the Scottish Highlands to return and survey the damage.

Mrs Bray said: "Sean phoned me and said 'Mum, the house is on fire'.

"I have forgiven him because it was just one of those unfortunate accidents. I am just grateful that he and the dogs are alive and well.

"It is just ironic that the fire was started by the electric hob because Sean didn't actually cook anything while we were away - he survived on microwave meals and takeaways." (Sounds like someone I know - ed.)

The blast at their home in Caister-on-Sea, near Great Yarmouth, in Norfolk, caused £20,000 structural damage and £15,000 fire and smoke damage.

Sean has blamed the family dog, labrador cross Jet, saying she must have jumped up and turned the cooker on.

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