Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Spring is here....NOT!

It's officially springtime, but anything like it outside. Having just shovelled the path and cleared the good 4" of new and additional overnight snow off the car for the Mrs, I am now happily supping a hot cup of tea as it heaps more snow on my path. Thankfully I go back to work tomorrow at 7am, so I will be spared the frosty task I've dutifully carried out for the last two days, that is if the bus is running at 6.15am tomorrow! Wonder who will look after the youngest 'cos his skool is shut again so that all those poor teechurz don't get themselves in a spin trying to get to work.

Just a passing comment - If there was this much sna in London's leafy suburbs, do you think it would be relegated as a news byline?

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Alastair said...

Working from home here. Tis good fun. Have a look at snow report for Tarland at home site. All Westhill residents struggled yesterdat whilst I sailed in at 07:30. One was playing dodgems with road signs and coming off worst!