Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Killer Xmas

I'm disappointed with Nicola Sturgeon.

Actually, I'm apoplectic at another unusually rare example of her less than common sense based thinking.

Why in the name of all that is holy at Xmas time have she, Mark Drakeford and the unholy alliance across in the northern tip of the island of Ireland agreed to go along with the edict of the populist buffoon that is Boris Johnson regarding mixed households for the Winterval period?

After an extended period of variously enforced and structured restraint, why for goodness sakes are we to let loose the virus into our own homes and exponentially the greater community?

One (1) fecked up Xmas versus a very long deadly January when the inevitable strikes home and cripples the SNHS. 

I hear the repeated argument, if you can call it that, that folk were not going to pay any attention to the rules anyway.  Well that has been well and truly countenanced now.  Conversely, I had absolutely no intention of relaxing my guard and would have hoped sensible compassionate citizens would have done likewise.  There is hope on the horizon with the vaccine.  That is the best present we could all have wished for.  

Patience seems to have been ditched for rapacious celebration.  Of what exactly?  Will many of you cast a second's thought about what Christmas is really about? 

I hear those saying criticising the sainted FM is unfair.  In my view this is her third failure in judgement on an otherwise faultless trajectory of suppression of the virus and the psychology of the masses.  There is time, on this occasion, to reverse this poor decision though.  Keep to the current restrictions until vaccines take effect and the individual regional Levels subside through adherence to FACTS.  For those wondering, her previous errors were the failure not to dismiss CMO Catherine Calderwood immediately, but more significant, and more relevant to the current decision, was the decision to enter into a UK wide approach at the outset and most notably with issues surrounding care homes.  Lessons clearly weren't learnt completely that there should not, quite rightly, be a one size fits all approach. 

And then we have Hogmanay...

Seasons greetings nonetheless. 
Ca cannie.

BTW - Trident renewal is an anachronistic and abhorrent aberration. 

Saor Alba.

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