Thursday, April 09, 2015

Sea change

I apologise, well no I don't actually, to my usual reader as I am about to get all Political.

I can imagine reader that you have just planted your forehead firmly on your desk schoolgirl stylee as I suggest this, but.....

I have had an enforced 30 years away from open and public politicking and even more so from an open allegiance and membership of the SNP.  I have lot of catching up to do and sooooooooooo much to say.

Stay with me!

There will be plenty musings to follow in the run up to the General Election and next year's Holyrood elections, but a wee tale to start us off.

I live in WAK (or Toyland if you prefer) and this has been a FibDem / Conservative and Unionist marginal for all the time I have known.  Liebour and the SNP have never really had a shout, such that many (including myself) voted tactically to keep the least worst option out. 

Recently in the Euros and Local elections the SNP have made patient and gradual progress into a challenging position, but I am now told it's a two horse race here in #GE2015. Literature delivered by the FibDems and Tories confirm this as so and that it is the FibDems that are the inferred and 'preferred' challenger for those voting tactically. 

Two observations follow on from this:

I voted partly to keep a party out of this constituency/government last time and then the turncoats entered into an unholy alliance - you can call it a coalition if you wish.  I also voted partly for the individual as he was an old classmate at Varsity and thus a decent enough chap you'd have thunk.  My cautionary tale for tactical voters is - you don't always get what you vote for with second choices.  Stay true, whatever your leanings are.  

Secondly, and much more importantly, I was sat aside a gent some maybe 10 years older than me in the local barbers this morn, when I overheard his conversation with the not overly stretched stylist regarding the forthcoming vote.  He was regaling the lassie with what he appeared to suggest was an awakening to him (and may I suggest the nation) that "that Nicola Sturgeon came over really well and she seems to have some good policies." This was clearly a surprise to him and not the statement of a paid up member of the SNP, but the one next to him was fair chuffed, especially when the lassie agreed. 

There is a sea change happening......

BTW - Trident renewal is an anachronistic and abhorrent aberration.

Feel free to spread the joy by joining the SNP today. 

Saor Alba.

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