Monday, August 08, 2011

........ Apologists.

Is it just me, as far as I am from Norf Lundun, or do others wonder why do we have to suffer the bleetings of those individuals who are trotted out by our wonderful media to explain that the underlying impoverishment and disenfranchisement of the yoof is the rationale for blatant criminality.

If I was poor, disadvantaged, abandoned and starving you might under the most desperate of circumstances see me and my massive making the local Lidl an open air emporium for the famished population, but what do we actually see ........?

........ Fashionistas busting the windows of JD Sports to engorge themselves on vital victuals such as one tens and trackies and the truly desperate at Currys helping themselves to life saving HDTVs.

Ten out of ten to Sky News for their beautifully succinct comment on their Twitter site in relation to a news alert on their ticker. If only the rest of their coverage was as balanced.

In summation, however, this is clearly all the Police's fault. I must have missed the bit at Polis College about how I was to solve all the country's social ills. I thought that was the Politicians job - silly me. Mind you one has to let them have their foreign holidays and the rest of us can just muck in and cover for them since we can no longer afford such luxuries after Ms May's patently counter-productive decimation of our pay, pensions and conditions. I do feel so sorry she had to cut short her vacation.

I have, based on the collective assumption of guilt, penned a letter to my own Chief Constable, requesting he pay immediate attention to the non-appearance of summer hereabouts. If he is on the ball, he will roll out an obscure ecomentalist to explain it all to us.

Stay safe my southern cousins.

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