Thursday, September 17, 2009

Different Thinking

I bump my gums periodically about all things related to Autism.

For a while I've been following Gary McKinnon's plight, so much so that I've started a sidebar widget just for him, so check it out.

I weep at the ignorance and intolerance in society, but I rejoice at the likes of this individual.

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KO said...

Hey Hows it going, I'm back in the Blog world, checking out your blog again, check mine out it's back, alittle different more on my life , rather then my job (Got my knuckles smacked)

All my follower are gone, so click to follow again... thats if u still like


uphilldowndale said...

I've been following this too,it's a worry: trouble is them folks over the pond have had their pride bruised...