Monday, August 24, 2009


In all the hoo-hah about the Lockerbie Bomber I refer you to this article, which I suggest says it all, well almost, 'cos I have a couple of points to make.

Firstly, surely the decision to release Megrahi shows that 'we' have an understanding of compassion, which is more than can be said for him and those who undoubtedly masterminded his evil deed.

Secondly, as the much maligned MacAskill should have said, Megrahi has a higher power to face on his soon to be judgement day, rather than a punishment that had been meted out on him in the way of Cancer. I'm definitely uneasy with this view of the supernatural bestowing upon a ne'er do well this hideous disease and the bitter taste this will have upon other Cancer sufferers and those who have had beloved ones fall to it.

Finally, my thoughts are with those who died on the day and their families and friends.

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Anonymous said...

Its all a pile of tosh. He was convicted by Judges from Scotland and lost an appeal. The sod was up to his neck in it. Can you imagine the Libyan government wanting to get back into the good books of the west. ` I know what we will do: pick some Libyan agent whom we know is innocent and let the whole worlds intelligence services look at him and 3 eminent judges who are not partial to false trials try him. Then with any luck the stupid sods will convict him. Then at some time in the future they will release him and all will go swimmingly.`

uphilldowndale said...

Oh Noddy what are we to do,with such incompetent cowards at the helm,it leaves me speechless with rage (I'm not often struck dumb)
Mr Uhhdd and I drove through Lockerbie on Christmas day 1988 on our way south to spend Christmas day with our family, we'll not forget seeing the scale of the devastation caused by that bomb, not a Christmas passes but we remember it, but for the families of those involved,and the people of Lockerbie I doubt an minute of the day passes with out being tainted by grief and rage at such an atrocity.

Noddy said...

Just in case anyone thinks this wasn't personal for me, it was. Our friend's mother's house was flattened and worse. How she survived is anyone's guess. Check this out and look for Ella's story.