Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sootycide is painless

A Sweeping statement I know, but any more of this nonsense and I will Sue on behalf of all children's characters.

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dickiebo said...

And were any animals hurt during the making of this post?
PS. Your Comments section is impossible!

Annette said...

I was thinking the same thing.
And yes, your comment section is impossible!!

Noddy said...

Impossible? You ol' fuddy duddies both managed. :)

Annette said...

Not so much of the 'old' thanks, noddy.
Yes, but you have to do it 2 or 3 times before it accepts your comment!

uphilldowndale said...

But I've lost the plot; what has an earth quake on Shetland got to do with it? I followed the link, honest.

Noddy said...

Well spotted UHDD. Problem was that I was busy sending that link to a good friend on Facebook, who stays in Tingwall, whilst trying to do the post. It's clearly true that men cannot multitask. Hopefully the post will now make sense. Oh, and in case you wondered, the earth did not move for him and he slept right through it.


People in their autumnal years should not be complaining about having to do it 2 or three times.

Noddy said...

p.s that worked first time!

Noddy said...

and so did that last one and this one.

Handy tip for geriatrix - Remember to set your 'comment as' first .... lol

Stonehead said...

If you think it's bad for soft toys, it's worse for toy soldiers. When we bought the croft, the boys found an old metal biscuit tin full of Britains toy soldiers, knights, cowboys and indians, and Trojans. They love them, particularly the Swopit ones with the heads and bodies that come off.

The boys asked for more toy soldiers for Christmas or their birthdays, but toy shop staff almost invariable react with horror when you ask for toy soldiers. It's really peculiar as their shelves are stacked with all manner of gruesome monsters from umpteen films/TV shows.

But if you just want a box of 1/32 toy soldiers and a tank or two, then you must be some sort of right-wing, militiarist, child-soldier recruiting tinpot dictator wannabe.

Imagine the reaction of old Charlie had called his friend Tin Soldier...

As for us, there's always fleabay.

uphilldowndale said...

I'm very fond of a plastic toy soldier I found washed up on this beach on the Isle of Eigg, he stands duty on my kitchen window ledge to remind me of a special time and I did my first 'retail deals' selling my big brothers 'Dinky toy' tanks to the kids up the street.
We took the 'Early Learning Centre' Guardian reading stance of 'no toy guns', with our children, I don't like having a gun pointed at me at any time, not even a toy one. It didn't hamper our boys though,when they wanted a gun, they made them out of all manner of things, or 'acquired them' without our assistance