Thursday, September 28, 2006


This article should induce a few comments from those in and out of the job!

Tests to reveal ASBO babies

This article just about sums up the way society is going these days. Just a thought but couldn't defence lawyers use this as mitigation.

" client was not breast fed. He/she was born effectively with a Burberry cap on."

But now there's another report suggesting the bleedin' obvious which counters the old adage that breast feeding is best, well IQ wise anyway.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bail, Bail, Bail, Bail, Bail, Bail, Bail, Bail, Bail, Bail, Bail, Bail, Bail, Bail.............

What is your understanding of the term Bail?

Once an accused appears in court they may be granted Bail as opposed to being remanded in custody. Amongst the usual conditions, being also the most significant for us Plods, is the prerequisite that they do not commit any other offences whilst on said Bail.

Brilliant idea you'd think.

Well it appears that it is only a suggestion, not an order, these days.

I had the misfortune to have to report a miscreant for a custody case the other day who had no less than fourteen, yes fourteen, Bail orders. Took me about two sheets of A4 to list them all in the report.

Part 2 of the quiz is to guess what happened in court the next day when said individual was up before the Sheriff.

Yep, another Bail order and off they go to no doubt create a forest diminishing report for another unlucky colleague when they are next lifted.

As written elsewhere, "You couldn't make this up."

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