Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's all explained now

Sky News reports (and I have annotated accordingly for Patrolling Polis) that Office workers say they get the blues - when they work in an office that is painted blue. (That would be the sky for me then)

Yellow walls and ceilings made staff feel happy, energised and more focused on their work. (That would be a sunny day for me then)

Employees said they felt angrier, and possibly more passionate, if there was more red than any other colour (That would be the blood spilt then), while black made them feel "tougher." (That must be the uniform then)

Grey was described as "dull and uninspiring" (That's the colour of our cells) in the research among dozens of workers by photographic giant Konica Minolta.

"This study shows that it is not just Monday mornings (erm?), the rush hour (I live in Scotland!) or having to work late (aaahhh - the poor things) that can affect the office environment - colour has a huge impact," said Robert Sethre of Konica Minolta.

I have said before that PINK is the way to go!


SergeantSays said...

Heh our cells are nice and yellow, so the crims feel happy warm and secure

Noddy said...

That would be the softly softly approach then?

Annette said...

Yes. PINK is the right colour. I love it. It's my favourite.
It makes you feel warm and lifts those monday morning blues.(even when it isn't monday)
I had my house painted soothing.