Sunday, April 23, 2006

Done Drifting

Heather Nova is offering her new video 'Done Drifting' for all to view here.

.... and if you want to keep this video on your hard drive and view full screen in quick time/itunes/real/winamp etc. see comments.

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Noddy said...

To view full screen (and keep in your hard drive)in quick time/itunes/real/winamp etc. just view it (thus downloading it - doh) and then go to your temporary internet files ... my computer > c (or hard drive) > documents and settings > user logged on > tools > folder options > view tab > check the show hidden files and folders option > click ok > local settings folder > temporary internet files > look for donedrifting____[1].mov or similar > highlight by single click and select copy > open your my videos folder > right click > select paste > rename as you want it....... easy eh?

(It saves you money going Pro on Quicktime7!!!)