Friday, July 01, 2011

While I've been away

During my enforced sojourn, I managed to jot down a few memos and links for future reference.

Time to uncork the bottle methinks.

First off, has anyone seen the fruits of their labours? Or have the apples still to fall from the trees?

The next time the other half asks that question, the one there used to be no answer for, just refer her to this ... adding of course, "No, it's always been that size."

Speaking of size. They used to say the Polis are getting younger, now it seems they are getting smaller.

On a positive note I was glad, given ongoing matters, to read this. I just don't believe it!

My next post will concentrate on the daft, stupid and frankly ridiculous happenings up here in God's country. We need his help you see!

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